First Impressions

This collection of images is called First Impressions for two reasons. Most obviously, it is a collection that was put together in my first year in Canberra - and so it literally is my first impressions of the city and its surrounds. Less obviously, the collection also reflects something of a new direction in my photography - away from a more literal documentary style of landscape photography towards a more impressionistic and artistic style.

It is not clear even to me whether these two things are linked, or whether it is merely a coincidence of timing that the two should occur simultaneously. However, the combination made the selection of a title for this collection very easy. Indeed, I found myself mentally referring to the project as ‘First Impressions’ long before I formally adopted the title.

The idea of these images as a project is therefore not to document Canberra in any way – but rather to give impressions of it. This includes the colours and forms of both the natural and the manmade environment, and of course some of the iconic buildings which are central the very existence of Canberra. Each of the images in this collection is here for two reasons – first, it contributes to my overall impression of Canberra; and second – I like it as an image for its own intrinsic aesthetic value.

As a collection, I hope it gives a sense of the type of place Canberra is – but deliberately without giving a sense of what it looks like en masse. These are little vignettes of Canberra, moments and places that are all small parts of the city and surrounding areas. Even taken as a whole, the collection deliberately does not give the viewer aclear picture of Canberra (or at least, it is not intended to!). Rather, I hope it creates a sense of recognition with some things that are familiar and a feeling of curiosity for those that are not.

All images in this collection are available for purchase as limited edition prints. Only three prints are available per image, one only in each of the following sizes (see table at the very bottom of this page to see which images and sizes are available):

A. 13" on the long side - AUD$90
B. 16" - 22" on the long side - AUD$190
C. Custom (including canvas and alternative materials) - Price depends on size / material

A and B prints are made on Hahnemuhle William Turner fine art inkjet paper, and are signed, numbered and double mounted ready for framing.

For non-standard format images (eg: square or panoramic) equivalent variations of sizes are available.

To enquire about purchasing a print, please e-mail me directly at